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Sibelius- Life and Symphony

Monologue with music.

Heikki Lund ja Joonas Ahonen

It is strange that nothing in the whole world, be it art, literature or music, affects me like these swans and cranes and silence of nature. Growing old, you can notice it more clearly than before. In it, there is a deep melancholy, a Finnish sadness…” In the performance the master composer Jean Sibelius (Heikki Lund) tells about his life and musician (Joonas Ahonen) plays his most popular piano composings. The intimate life story goes from youth till old age. Words and tones form a harmonic wholeness. Duration approximately 55 minutes.

 Audiences first became widely aware of Joonas Ahonen following his success in the national Jyväskylä Piano Competition in 2001 and the international Maj Lind Piano Competition in 2002. Ahonen has appeared with several Finnish symphony orchestras, among them the Helsinki Philharmonic under Leif Segerstam and the Finnish Chamber Orchestra under Jukka-Pekka Saraste. He is our most talented pianist's
Heikki Lund is an actor, play writer, song writer and musician. He is said to be one of the best troubadours in Finland, known specially for his Carl Michael Bellman performances. He has written, among many contemporally plays, several plays about Finnish culture history and it’s most significant artists. Heikki Lund is also known for his recordings. He has been awarded many times for his work.


Music in the monologue (among others):
Karelia Suite-Intermezzo (1893)
Romance Des-major op 24 (1929)
The Spruce op 75 (1914)
Historic Scenes, part 6. Finland
Awakes, Finlandia (1899)

Eino Leino, the poet, says: I aged years in a few months. How can I tell? From the fact that I can take offence without getting angry. I have been mocked, have been hurt, and have been praised. It was so depressing when I was young. It discouraged or inspired...It made me very careful. As a younger man I had a terrible habit of always giving too much of myself away in discussions. I couldn’t help it, (as if) it just happened against my will. And I was often suffering for it. Now I am respected, around world. I am regarded as a classic…But people…I cannot take these constant demands, why me? Haven’t I done enough?


When the shades grow longer, I am outlining the fifth one. I am already of that age that deepest corners of my soul have been drawn empty. When I was younger I was able to resist bygone troubles. But not anymore. I redeemed peace for my soul with fire. One laundry basket filled with manuscripts, pain of creation,.. it helped. And now, the wild swans have landed on our lake, they take off and fly away in the dawn. And even though I am not able to see them anymore, I am happy to be breathing the same air as they do.